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Howard Vineyard wines available in the e-Store


Howard Vineyard is a stunning family owned Adelaide Hills winery located 25 minutes from the Adelaide CBD in Nairne.  In 1890, Amos William Howard discovered subterranean clover thriving naturally in a picturesque valley in the Adelaide Hills. Howard Vineyard’s stone barn Cellar Door and premium red vineyard are located in Nairne, on the site of this original farm. 30km away, the high altitude (470m), cool climate white vineyard at Schoenthal (“Beautiful Valley” in German) is one of the Adelaide Hill’s finest sites for growing fresh, crisp Sparkling and white wines. These two unique vineyard sites enable Howard's to grow exceptional white and red grapes without compromise, and their Estate grown Picnic, Clover and Amos wines are renowned for their delicate notes and distinctive fruit purity. For more information visit www.howardvineyard.com

In the Diner en Blanc e-store this year you can purchase the following still wines by 10:00am on Monday 20 November:
* VINEYARD - 2017 - ROSE - $20.00 per bottle
* CLOVER - 2015 - CABERNET SAUVINGON - $28.00 per bottle
* CLOVER - 2015 - SHIRAZ - $28.00 per bottle
* CLOVER - 2017 - PINOT GRIS - $28.00 per bottle
* CLOVER - 2017 - SAUVINGON BLANC - $28.00 per bottle
* AMOS - 2015 - CHARDONNAY - $45.00 per bottle
* AMOS - 2015 -  SHIRAZ - $45.00 per bottle

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